About Made in Lennox

Why Made In Lennox?

For many years I have been working and living in the Northern Rivers coastal village of Lennox Head. Over those years I have met hundreds of other local, creative, hardworking entrepreneurs, who design, invent and produce an incredible range of high quality local products.

What has always struck me about small, local, regional businesses is the difficulties they have in promoting themselves in an increasingly busy marketplace. Often operating out of kitchens and spare rooms, these original small businesses have no financial reserves and every cent is usually spent on the products themselves.

Made in Lennox is devoted to giving these local producers a leg up into the market, helping them to increase their profile and sell their products. Leveraging our close relationship with the local magazine The Lennox Wave, our aim is to promote local businesses to their own community, and to hopefully provide a spring board for a wider audience.

Everything for sale on the Made In Lennox Site has been either conceived, designed, managed or produced in Lennox Head and immediate surrounds.

We live in a time when awareness of the environmental cost of big business is growing. We believe that buying locally means your products are less likely to be shipped across oceans.

We choose packaging that is easily recycled, favouring cardboard and calico for our special gift presentation.

The Hampers

The real heroes in this venture will be the hampers. At this stage there are three: Baby Hamper, Kitchen Hamper and Health & Beauty Hamper. These are classy, environmentally low-impact, gift boxes full of wonderful products that all originated in Lennox Head. Cool, huh?

We are so excited to be able to present these gift boxes to locals and tourists. We know they will be cherished as presents and souvenirs.

We are also confident that you will be able to find one here to suit your needs.